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About Us

We are a local boutique accounting firm situated in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. Focused in our service line, we offer accounting, tax, and business advisory services to small and medium sized businesses.

We are entrepreneurs too! We feel the same achievements and stresses as our clients and as an independent firm, without a head office developing our processes and policies, we are in the trenches with our clients developing our own best practices.

Prosperity by Design

What gets us out of bed in the morning? Helping our clients develop their financial road map to wealth creation. From a professional targeting best remuneration strategies to businesses looking to further acquire businesses.
Our Values

Accounting Intelligence

Technology is changing the world, the accounting industry is not immune from this trend. We continue to innovate our processes and software deck to ensure we are the accounting firm of the future. 

Financial Zen

As your trusted advisory, let us lead you on your path so that we can reduce your stress as an entrepreneur. ​
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