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Client Resources

Below are helpful tools to assist you on your path to prosperity. 

If you ever have any questions, please call our office. 

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials:

mbf's Secure Portal: 

•Portal invitation 0:00 – 0:39 •Creating your Portal password & authenticating your device 0:40 – 1:36 •Portal Home page 1:51 – 1:58 •Portal Unread Documents page 1:59-2:54 •Portal Documents page 2:55-5:35 oSigning Documents/Documents to be Signed 3:20-4:21 oUploading documents for mbf 4:41-5:22 oDownloading documents 5:22-5:34 •Switching between Portals 5:36-6:02 •Portal Invite Users page 6:03-6:34 •Updating your contact information in your Portal 6:40-7:30 •Accessing your Portal without a link 7:30-7:45

Helpful Links:

Sign in with CRA Account: CRA Sign In
To register for a My CRA Account, click 'CRA Register' beside the 'CRA Sign In' button.
To sign in using your online banking information, click the 'Sign-In Partner' button: Sign-In Partner
Sign in with Provincial Partner (Alberta & BC only): CRA Sign in with Provincial Partner

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